Endler Guppies Care for Beginners is Hassle-Free

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Proper steps for Endler guppies care can create the perfect habitat for this beautiful and lively fish. This fish species that lives in freshwater is prevalent among ornamental fish lovers.

The striking colors and amazing fin patterns attract guppy fish. Their agile and adorable movements in the water can cheer up anyone who sees them.

Endler Guppies Care for Beginners is Hassle-Free

Guide to Proper Endler Guppies Care

Various types of guppy fish are sought after by aquarium lovers. One of them is Endler’s guppy.

When compared with similar species, the Endler guppy size is smaller, which is around 1 inch. Their small size helps guppies move more agile.

His cute behavior never fails to dispel the owner’s boredom. Everything from the guppy flock seems to provide positive energy.

As a peaceful fish species, they can coexist with other types of peaceful fish. Just make sure to provide a good community space and don’t put other fish that are more aggressive in the same tank.

Maintaining an Endler is fairly easy. The guidelines and proper way to maintain it for beginners are as follows.

Doesn’t Require Special Facilities

The advantage and reason people like keeping Endler guppies is the ease of care. Guppies have a high adaptability, so they can live in various water conditions.

They can live comfortably in temperatures of 70° to 82°F. There is a big risk of guppy death if the temperature is less than 59°F or exceeds 102°F.

Endler’s guppy is indeed strong. However, when moving it you need to be careful to avoid stress.

Pay Attention to Water and Food Quality

It is important to carry out direct testing to obtain suitable habitat. Make sure the water has a humidity level of 6.5 to 8.0 pH.

Every time you change your aquarium water, test it regularly. This helps maintain optimal water quality.

Guppy fish food includes high-protein crumbs, pellets, brine shrimp, small insects, daphnia, and other frozen foods. As a nutritional supplement, provide plant-based foods such as boiled spinach or various food preparations made from spirulina.

A regular diet with adequate food varieties will help improve the health of guppy fish. In addition, it increases the brightness of its body color.

Pay Attention to the Aquarium Capacity

Breeding Endler is fairly fast, so beginners should not ignore the tank capacity when they give birth. Once given birth, an Endler guppy female can produce dozens of children. This step is to prevent overpopulation.

Endler guppies care is easy. The key is that each keeper can adapt the care system to the specific needs of their guppies.